The Development of Metier

Metier is a proven leader in the area of private equity, alternative assets and related advisory services. The company was founded in 2004 and raised South Africa’s largest private equity fund in terms of third party local commitments. It has an established team which ranks amongst the largest and most experienced in the industry. Metier has a strong track record in private equity investing and selective M&A advice that confirms its leadership status.
From inception, the company's Commerce Square offices were a reflection of the brand - open, welcoming, and independent of spirit. Seeking a return to a more personal format, Thierry, Anthony and Paul settled on the setting up of an independent and private firm to capture the next wave of growth in the private equity and dealadvising arena. They were joined by long-time legal colleague Malcolm Ball and now-Libstar director, Robin Smith.

Metier set about building a medium-sized, yet powerful team, comprised of people with a variety of skills and expertise. At this stage the company focused on providing strategic advice and undertaking niche private equity club deals, while simultaneously developing plans for a new private equity fund. The team called on well established relationships and caught the recovery wave as performances and valuation multiples escalated from post-2000 lows. Our historic returns of 30%-IRR-plus were matched and exceeded in these early years, helping Metier confirm the out-performance in the history of its founding group.

Metier was designed to remain free from public ownership, to promote a partnership-style culture and to use a long-term investment approach that is skeptical of fast money. The Metier founders have worked together for three decades favouring a culture that emphasises hard work, intellectual freedom and solid family values.

Our experience over the years has helped Metier to build an institutional memory that allows us to discern the difference between fanciful promises and real returns. We have had the privilege of working with talented entrepreneurs and business leaders, many of whom have the potential to dominate their sector.
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