Partnering Entrepreneurs

Our investors expect us to deliver real value growth for the longer term, and to resist mere surface-level improvements. We like to see our businesses out-perform from an earnings point of view and to offer long-term value enhancement. To do this, we facilitate the necessary change to scale up and create sustainable business over five years and longer.
Metier manages two capital growth funds and a sustainable capital fund. Our realised club-deal principal portfolio has also shown remarkable gains, although this activity has been scaled back to enable us to focus our balance sheet on fund-related investing. Our advisory record since forming Metier is outstanding, and while we have directed this business to focus on the support of our private equity investments, our advisory business has played an important role in contributing to our income, establishing the Metier brand and unlocking value for our clients.

Successful transactions in the early years provided billion-rand shareholder value gains for investors in Fuel Logistics and African Life. Coinvestment opportunities with Datatec, the Connection group, Royal Bafokeng Holdings and DataPro also yielded significant returns. It is one thing raising and making money in a strong market, but establishing a track record is about investing through the cycle, not just in boom times. Maintaining value above cost in the equity markets in the post-Lehman era was hard work but we achieved this, and as confidence and equity sentiment has improved, our fund continues to hold value for our investors and out-performs our peer group.
Adding value. At Metier we go further, being an active partner to our portfolio companies and their management teams. Without taking on executive responsibilities, we bring much more than money to the equation. We see our role as a sounding board for senior management, as a key driver of shareholder activism and necessary change as well as a contributor to executive team development, transformation, environmental responsibility and corporate governance. As experienced dealmakers and financiers we further help source, evaluate and implement M&A and corporate finance transactions. Too often in the private equity industry strategy is formulated, performance reviewed and incentives aligned only at quarterly board meetings, but we prefer to be closer to the day-to-day running of the operations of our portfolio companies, providing guidance where necessary without restricting or second guessing our management teams.
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