Letter from the Founders

Welcome to our world and thank you for your interest in Metier. Our business continues through all the economic cycles, fund vintages and now COVID-19 waves, unabated! We have been at it through more than three decades and have stuck to our core endeavour – focussed on African private equity fund investing for institutional and development finance investors, coinvesting with them and select entrepreneurial teams in mid-market equity where we can bring more than money.

Each decade somehow seems more volatile and traumatic than the last but through all of it we have found good people with passion, ideas and a partnering ethic both within our family-style team and in portfolio companies that join our journey for their own step changes. And through every cycle we have managed to make a difference, make money for our investors and partners and hold onto our precious reputation for being loyal, fair and enterprising partners. We hope the pages in our website give you just a flavour of this world and invite you to share with us your own time, plans, ideas and ambitions.

The COVID-19 years have tested our culture and value in a way we could never have planned for. We moved into beautiful new Johannesburg offices in Oxford Parks on the Rosebank/Dunkeld border six months after the first lockdowns only to be challenged to get ourselves and our portfolio partners through unprecedented economic and health crises from our laptops at home. We have adapted in ways we could never have imagined and done deals in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Burkina Faso and Mali and including partners in London, Europe and Israel and built up our team presence in Mauritius, Ivory Coast and the United Kingdom. And got every portfolio company through the worst recession in a century without a write-off or material emergency funding. We could have imagined none of this leading into 2020.

We have also gone beyond securing survival to laying foundation stones for the future across both core areas of our business – we have completed a final closing at $156 million of our Metier Sustainable Capital ll fund in 2021 in the clean energy and infrastructure practice, and have established a solid bridge to our third fund in the growth capital arena as we go to market in 2021 with one completed transaction and a second in process. Our ambitions for the decade are to further a pan-African reputation of private equity leadership.

We hope too that our website introduces you to our family of team members and portfolio partners. We are truly proud of the balance, diversity, talent and enterprise in each and know that our brand and legacy are secure for more decades ahead.


Thierry, Paul and Anthony
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