Industry Segment Healthcare – Pharmaceuticals and Complimentary & Alternative Medicines (CAMs)
Investment Type Platform build up
Subsidiary investment type Growth and Replacement Capital
Our entrepreneur partners  Reimar Klintworth
Status Current

Astrim Holdings is a holding company established by Metier as part of a pharmaceutical and CAMs sector build-up investment. Astrim intends to target strategic bolt-on acquisitions in pharmaceutical products, complementary medicines, nutritional and vitamin products and some aspects of personal care. Metier has partnered with Reimar Klintworthan established contact in Metier’s network and an experienced operator in the pharmaceutical and CAMs manufacturing industry, to lead the platform build-up investment plan.

Astrim has made one investment to date, being Tech Labs. Tech Labs, based inJohannesburg, is an independent, licensed pharmaceutical and contract manufacturer, packer and distributor operating in Southern Africa with an established history and track record of more than 60 years. The business represents an attractive entry point into the formulation, packaging and processing of pharmaceuticals and CAMs with the opportunity to leverage the Metier’s and Klintworth’s combined skills to grow Tech Labs and develop the platform.

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