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Quarter 1, 2020

Tembo Power partners with Metier for the financing and construction of its first Kenyan hydropower plant

Tembo Power has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Metier, an independently owned private equity fund manager, for its Kaptis project, a 14.7 MW run of river hydropower project in Kenya, together with its partner WK Construction, a leading contractor in the field of hydropower in sub-Saharan Africa. This agreement now allows the partners to appoint lenders and prepare for financial closing, expected this year, and to start construction.

“Tembo Power is delighted to partner with Metier, a reputable and experienced infrastructure fund manager in Sub-Saharan Africa, supported by the main development finance institutions active in the renewable energy field. Such agreement demonstrates the thoroughness of Tembo Power’s development approach, its compliance with the most stringent international standards, and paves the way for extended collaboration with Metier and other key players in the industry.” – Raphael Khalifa, Founder, Tembo Power.

Tembo Power started the development of Kaptis (14.7 MW), in Western Kenya, in 2013 after its Kenyan partner Humphrey Mulindi identified the site and conducted preliminary investigations to assess its actual potential. Since then, the company has expanded its Kenyan portfolio with additional 17 MW, 17 MW and 24 MW hydropower projects, that are currently in development, in order to bring sustainable hydropower to Western Kenya, currently fed by power imports from Uganda, and diesel power generation. The project has been developed jointly by Tembo Power and WK Power, the investment arm of WK Construction, a leading pipeline and water works contractor in South Africa.

Metier has demonstrated success in private equity, alternative assets and related advisory services, with specific experience in the renewable power and infrastructure sectors in sub-Saharan Africa. The project will form part of the Metier Sustainable Capital International Fund II, which recently achieved a first close of USD113m. Metier has committed to provide financial support prior to actual financial closing of the project as well as to subscribe to a 40% stake in the project. WK Power will hold 20%, while Tembo Power shall retain 40%. Equity has been fully secured and development finance institutions are being appointed for senior debt. WK Construction will be the preferred EPC contractor for the Kaptis project. Tembo Power will benefit from the already existing relationship between Metier and WK Construction, which successfully constructed and commissioned the 5.25 MW Sindila hydropower project in Uganda last year. “The signature of the JDA marks the next positive step in our relationship with Tembo Power. We are excited about the prospects of the Kaptis project as well as the broader Tembo Power portfolio which fits in well with the fund’s strategic focus on small to medium scale renewable energy projects across the continent and we are looking forward to making an investment into the Kenyan energy sector and delivering clean energy in support of the Kenya Power and Lighting Company’s power supply objectives.” - Michael Goldblatt, Principal, Metier Sustainable Capital International Fund II.

Tembo Power’s objective is to develop, finance and operate power generation assets in sub-Saharan Africa, and is currently raising $100 million for its first batch of projects totaling 187MW across Kenya, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Run of river hydropower is the one of the most environmentally friendly energy technologies globally. Projects between 10MW and 50MW offer inexpensive and reliable electricity in areas where the national electrical utilities need it most.
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